A Consulting Instrument for Forest Owners

Ecological and financial key data for consulting private and municipal forest owners

Credible, modern consulting services should at least roughly be able to elucidate the possible consequences of different decisions in forestry. Besides the appraisal of ecological effects, this involves financial aspects, whereas special emphasis should be put on the analysis of potential risks related to particular decisions. This seems a logical requisite, if the principle of sustainability, as repeatedly highlighted by the forester community, is to be met. Sustainability must be accompanied by a reduction in risks with regards to future forest stands. Short-sighted decisions at the present time can easily lead to risks that must then be borne by future generations. Unfortunately a lack of technical tools for consulting services, which are backed up by ecological or financial data, constitutes a serious problem.

In the context of this project, it is planned to develop a consulting instrument, which accommodates the requirements mentioned above. The consulting system displays the individual situation of each forest owner and emphasises the effects of different treatments.