Silviculture Worldwide - DAAD Visiting-Professorship Prof. Dr. Jonathan Onyekwelu

Silviculture and Sustainable Management of West African Forest Ecosystems

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Onyekwelu is Professor for Silviculture, Ecosystem Restoration and Management at the Federal University of Technology in Akure (F.U.T.A.), Nigeria. In summer semester 2019 he will be Visiting-Professor at TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan and introduce his international perspective in teaching. The cooperation program between TUM and F.U.T.A. exists since 18 years.

Especially the class “Silviculture Worldwide” will benefit from Prof. Onyekwelu and his international experience in sustainable land-use and restoration of tropical ecosystems. His home country Nigeria is an interesting example regarding land-use conflicts. There live more than 200 ethnic groups and Nigeria is leading in oil production. Nevertheless, Nigeria is amongst the poorest countries of the world. 90% of the population depend on fuel timber supply. Just 10% of the forests in Nigeria are still indigenous forests. Therefore, Prof. Onyekwelu can teach a lot about land-use conflicts, possible solutions and concepts facing them.