CARE4C - Carbon smart forestry under climate change

In a changing climate we see the importance of carbon as a factor in forest management. While growing, forests sequester carbon in their wood, but forest operations could lead to carbon emissions.

Getting an integrated picture of carbon sink and source in forestry is the ambition of the project CARE4C. In this project, we will develop carbon smart forest management systems for adaption and mitigation in the view of climate change.

Therefore the research group uses multidisciplinary approaches. On one hand there is the question of carbon sequestering by trees and forests and influencing factors like site conditions, climate change and forest management. Carbon emissions caused by forest operations are as well part of the study. Furthermore, there is interest in the potential of reducing the emissions in the forestry through risk diversification and risk reduction.

To get an intense transfer of needs and results between research and practical institutions there is an exchange program of academic and non-academic partners, covering the entire chain from empirical research, to data evaluation, knowledge integration, statistical and mechanistic modelling model applications, forest management, and forest harvesting. Eight universities and eight private and public forestry institutions are part of CARE4C.